Escape From Babylon

Escape From Babylon


RANDOLPH BRIGGS is an ex-cop living in Port of Spain, Trinidad. After being drummed out of the force for unjust reasons he now works as a taxi driver on the grave yard shift.

He’s a loner who cruises the streets at night in a city plagued with crime and violence. A serial killer posing as a taxi driver also prowls the city at night stalking young female victims.

Stripped of his official authority but burdened with a need to protect the innocent, Randolph Briggs eventually makes the ultimate decision to follow his instincts and Escape From Babylon.

Major Genre – Action/Thriller

Release Date: 21-AUGUST-13

Distribution: A Runaway Colony Productions Co. Ltd

Running Time: 110 Minutes

Location – Trinidad

The Cast –

Kearn Samuel, Gregory Pollonais, Conrad Parris, 

Kerri Tucker, Samara Lallo

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